giovedì 17 dicembre 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday!
I like today's being my birthday because:

  1. I feel so loved by everyone
  2. Last night snowed, just a little, so this morning landscape was white and beautiful, but traffic haven't tilted. Perfect match!
  3. All my colleagues seem to care about me... which I know is true only for some of them; but I suspect all the others care more about pastries I brought.
  4. I received a lot of sms
  5. I received tons of e-mails
  6. My mobile provider gave me 30 Lune (point collection) for free
  7. Possibly I'll receive more gifts within Sunday! And, of course, I love receiving gifts... 
  8. Possibly most of the gifts will be corkscrews, and I'll laugh a lot
  9. One of my dearest friends sent this to me:; she overestimates me... :)
  10. Another friend sent this:, and it made my day!
  11. Tonight I'll have happy hour with some of my friends
  12. Saturday night I'll have, hopefully, a great dinner with my other friends
  13. In one week I'll be on holidays!
  14. In two weeks it'll be the last day of the year
  15. My mom will buy my favourite cake and she will put only one candle on it
  16. I am still 26! Don't laugh, I'm serious!! :)
  17. I had an easy subject for this post and I didn't need to go hard at it.
Thanks for reading boring birthday list, and thanks for wishes.

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