sabato 9 gennaio 2010

Mala tempora

B. and I should be in this place now.
It's been 16 year since I last went to London, I was looking forward to being there again, even though I saw all the snowing and the mess.
We would have been at J.'s mother's place, with J., who would have been an exceptional guide. But.
We should land at Gatwick airport, one of the nine London airports, one of the four (FOUR!!) used by our airline. Guess what? Our airline cancelled all the flights from and to Gatwick ONLY.
This is luck.
In any case, if I couldn't go to London, London came here, or at least its standard weather did. Rain, cold, but most of all rain, rain, rain... It's been raining for 3 days now, and I think I had enough.
But I don't mean to complain.
So here's a new boring list, of the good things happened to me here in Milan. (While reading, please listen to this song from Monty Python's Life of Brian, it is appropriate)

1. I had great Japanese lunch with R.R.
2. Now I know what time is the best to go shopping at the supermarket: 1.30 pm. Monday to Friday, of course. Which means I will never be able again to go at that time, but at least I know. 
3. I've bought a beautiful tablecloth for next record-dinners
4. I've finally watched Sherlock Holmes at the cinema
5. I fell in love (once again) with Robert Downey Jr.; hope he'll notice me, one day or another...
6. In the same time, at least I've seen an early-twentieth-century London on the screen
7. The cinema is just round the corner
8. I've slept a lot
9. Tonight I'll have dinner with my friends
10. Tomorrow I'll have brunch in a delightful little place called Piquenique with my friends.

What else could I desire? Except being in London, of course... :)

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