giovedì 19 novembre 2009

Le couché de la marieé

Yes I know I'm not married. But while searching images I found this one, which I used to have hanged in my bedroom in my father's house. It was not a copy in that case...
Don't know if it is there anymore, I really hope so as I made sweet dreams of having maids and a bed like that. :)
Anyway, my searching was connected to the fact that I went to bed really early last night, after yawning all the day, and risking to fall asleep on the keyboard of my PC a hundred times. The woman in the picture looks tired just like me, to give the idea.
The differences are: I don't  have any maids nor ladies-in-waiting; my whole house is smaller than the room in the image (but I have running water and electricity, eheheh); I don't have a fireplace; I'm not so elegant when I yawn. :)
So there is not much to say about last night, except that it was maybe 15 years ago last time that I went to bed before 11 pm...

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