sabato 14 novembre 2009

On a day like today

Grey sky, misty weather. Yellow leaves on the street can be so romantic when the sun is shining, but they are so damn sad on a day like today.
The good thing is: it is Saturday, so you can wake up late and hang about at home.
That's what I like about a day like today.
I have been waken up by the spin-dryer of the mad old woman who lives upstairs at about 10.30. Rhum was still floating in my head, so, first thing, I made some coffee. I love the scent of fresh coffee in the air, and it must be paired by toasted bread scent. What else? Uh, yes, I need a warm, extra-large pullover, then I can have my breakfast on the couch watching tv.
After my ritual breakfast and a cigarette, I decided it was definitely November, and it was time to store my collection of summer shoes. It would have been quite depressing, hadn't I received the phone call from A. inviting me for lunch. I just pretended to hesitate, let's say, three seconds, and in one hour and a half I was enjoying appetizers, beer and a gigantic plate of spaghetti (al dente!!) with A. and her boyfriend. What a wonderful thing to have a bunch of friends, especially on a misty day.
After a quick shopping to make the water in my fridge a little less solitary, here I am again, with my pullover, no make-up, enjoying my tiny house.
Even a day like today can be perfect.

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