venerdì 20 novembre 2009


I just realized that in 27 days it will be my 26th birthday (for the fifth time... :)).
In 34 days it will be Christmas also, that is, it will be soon gift time for me! 
If, as it always happens, friends and relatives don't know what to buy but they really really really want to buy something, take a look at my Wishlist for this year.

From the upper row, left to right:
- decent wine glasses
- a decent corkscrew
- Apple i-Pod earphones (with remote control)
- Still Crazy DVD
- Nokia N97 (this is for my sister and parents... please only this from you all and for both birthday and 'Xmas... please!)
- Ronson Aurora lighter

I have the premonition I will receive 10 corkscrews... :)
Ok, I'll be back later with something more interesting for other people than me.

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